We are recruiting !!

Post-doctoral Researcher: Please contact Jyoti Katoch or Simran Singh.

Graduate students: We are looking for highly motivated and hard-working students to carry out research in the field of low-dimensional solid state systems . Please send an email or stop by the office if you are interested in joining the group. 

Undergraduate students: Contact us if you want to learn (or just explore for fun....) the exciting physics of novel condensed matter systems and their atomically thin nano-devices. Depending on your interest, you will have the opportunity to learn about: advance nano-device fabrication, epitaxial material growth techniques,  layer by layer assembly of van der Waals hetero-structures, quantum magneto-transport, spintronics devices, optical/photo-emission spectroscopy, magentization dynamics and surface science techniques. Please send an email if you are interested in joining the group.


Principal Investigators






Igor Pinchuk 2018.jpg


Igor received his Ph. D. in Physics from the Ohio State University in 2018 where he studied magnetic proximity effects at the interfaces of 2D materials and thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). In addition to research, he enjoys designing and engineering unique scientific instrumentation which allows his fellow scientists accomplish their ambitious experiments. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, video games, motorcycle racing and table tennis.





Ryan is a first year graduate student from Washington D.C.  While his primary interests are in experimental condensed matter, he enjoys hiking, playing basketball, soccer and ultimate frisbee, photography, and playing the bass.  Ryan can frequently be found in the lab or somewhere in Wean or Doherty Hall.  His contact information is rmuzzio@andrew.cmu.edu


Undergraduate students

David Gronlund.jpg

David Gronlund 

David is a Senior in the Electrical Engineering and Physics Departments here at CMU. His interests include FPGA design, machining, low-level programming, and of course, all sorts of physics. David is also a member of Carnegie Mellon Racing and can be frequently found in the gym when he's not working.


Shawn liu

Shawn is a sophomore studying Physics and Computer Science at CMU. His interests include game design, music, and learning all about different interesting physics concepts. Shawn is a member of the Tartan Wind Ensemble and is currently a pledge in Alpha Phi Omega. When he isn't napping in Sorrells or staring intently at his computer, Shawn can frequently be found exploring the various types of culinary cuisine found around Pittsburgh or watching his weekly horror movie with his friends. 



Jacob is a junior in the Physics and Mechanical Engineering programs at CMU. His interests include astrophysics, particle physics, mechanical design, and mechatronics. He's a member of the Men's Water Polo Team and spends whatever free time he can get playing video games and watching movies.